Renovation of facades

Repairs, renovations, maintenance, washing, painting and antigraffiti. We provide reconstruction of historic houses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and amenities. As part of the reconstruction of the facade, we provide replacement and repair of plumbing elements, supply and installation of windows, reconstruction of balconies and terraces.


In architecture, the facade of a building is often the most important design aspect because it sets the tone for the rest of the building. The facade is therefore the outer wall of the building and its finishing. From a technical point of view, the facade is also very important due to its impact on energy efficiency.

Facades, such as cracks, falling out or crumbling, can occur on the facades during the life cycle. Damaged facade plaster is not only a visual problem, but also enables faster destruction of the building, house or apartment complex. The facade is designed to protect the property against external influences such as rain, snow, frost, hail, sunlight, etc. It also serves as a damping layer to outside noise.

Renovation and repair of facades

The lifespan of facades is not endless, unfortunately, everything else, as well as facades, needs to be renovated from time to time. Facades have been exposed to various weather conditions for a long time and therefore cannot be expected to last without renovation forever.

We have been dealing with facade repairs for several years and you have many years of experience in this area. We provide comprehensive services, dealing with both masonry and plumbing.

We repair facades most often using facade scaffolding. For greater content we carry out renovations of facades and mountaineering techniques, as well as assembly and disassembly of technological equipment, banners and billboards.

As our references suggest, we carry out reconstruction of historical houses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and civic amenities. As part of the reconstruction of the facade, we provide replacement and repair of plumbing elements, supply and installation of windows, reconstruction balconies and terraces.

Do you have a damaged, cracked or faded facade? Not sure or you don't sufficient knowledge in this field? Never mind, we will be happy to help, come, fix!

Causes of facade damage:

  • old facades may be due to missing or old waterproofing
  • bad seal
  • poorly attached eaves, eaves, window sills, cornices, etc.
  • using bad adhesive (glued tile)

How easy you can identify facade defects:

  • plaster blisters
  • moist, or damp, places
  • salt blooms
  • cracks
  • crumbling
  • falling tiles (glued)

Renovation of the facade most often involves the following operations:

  • cleaning, washing
  • crack removal
  • replacement and repair of plumbing elements
  • masonry and stucco work
  • deepening of plaster
  • facade insulation
  • new facade coating
  • antigraffiti coating

Maintenance, washing, painting facades, disposal of algae and mold

As we mentioned above, facades are susceptible to environmental influences, so they can be attacked by algae or fungi.

Objects that are close to busy roads, industrial buildings, for example, are more often polluted by smoke or smog.

We specialize in the cleaning of various types of facades such as metal, brick, cement, brizolit, stucco, limestone, stone or compact slab facades.

We always clean according to the type of facade by choosing the best option. Most often we use a high pressure water cleaner with the appropriate chemical agent.

We always apply the coatings after a thorough examination of the facade condition. First, all degraded areas and cracks need to be repaired and then the facade is cleaned and tested for absorbency. The next step is to deepen the plaster with penetration, which strengthens and at the same time adjusts the absorbency of the facade. Subsequently, a double coating can be made according to the type and character of the facade, such as silicone, silicate or lime paint as required by conservationists.

So do you have a green, algae facade?

Is your block of flats, a property on a busy street where there is plenty of smog, dirt, dust and other debris?

Tired of everyday sight of a dirty or faded facade?

We will be glad to help you, repair the facade, clean it, repaint or insulate it.