Reconstruction of roof cladding of buildings

Reconstruction, painting, repair and insulation of building roofing. Plumbing elements - CU 0.55 mm, FeZn 0.55 mm, TiZn 0.7 mm.

The function of the roof cladding is very important for the building as it terminates the construction from above and protects it against weather conditions (rain, wind, snow, etc.). It is mainly responsible for draining water and protecting eats in the buildup. It therefore acts as an insulator.

Reconstruction, repair of roof cladding is important to extend the life of your property.

The roof deck may consist of several layers, for example:

  • waterproofing layer - waterproof insulation
  • vapor barrier - prevents water penetration
  • traffic layer - outer layer
  • slope - creation of the required roof tilt
  • separation layer
  • thermal insulation layer
  • distribution layer - distributed load

We carry out work activities:

  • Reconstruction, repair of roof cladding
  • Roof coating
  • Roof insulation of buildings
  • Plumbing - elements CU 0.55 mm, FeZn 0.55 mm, TiZn 0.7 mm

Our workflow:

  • Expert assessment of the roof cladding and design solutions
  • Removing the existing roof cladding (if necessary)
  • Repair, refurbishment of roof cladding or providing new + assembly
  • Repair or introduce thermal insulation
  • Supply and installation of plumbing elements
  • Review and evaluate your work