Reconstruction of roof cladding of buildings

Reconstruction, painting, repair and insulation of building roofing. Plumbing elements - CU 0.55 mm, FeZn 0.55 mm, TiZn 0.7 mm.

Roof cladding

The roof consists of a supporting structure and a roof covering. The supporting structure fulfills the supporting function for the roof covering and ensures stability, durability and load-bearing capacity of the roof. The function of the roof covering is thus to protect the building from above, which is prevented from the weather (rain, wind, snow, hail, etc.). It therefore acts as a waterproofing.

Currently we can choose from a large number of roofing materials such as: clay and concrete tiles, asphalt shingle, bituminous roofing, sheet metal, aluminum, etc.

The service life of the roof covering is therefore closely related to the type of material used. Of course, each material has its specific characteristics, hardness, durability and shape stability.

Workflow and activities

The roof cladding may consist of several layers, for example:

  • waterproofing layer
  • vapor barrier - prevents water vapor penetration
  • traffic layer - outer layer
  • slope layer - creation of the required roof slope
  • separation layer
  • thermal insulation layer
  • Load Layer - Load Distribution

We perform work activities:

  • Reconstruction, repair of roof cladding
  • Roof coating
  • Roof insulation of buildings
  • Plumbing - elements CU 0.55 mm, FeZn 0.55 mm, TiZn 0.7 mm

Our workflow:

  • Expert assessment of the roof cladding and design solutions
  • Removing the existing roof cladding (if necessary)
  • Repair, refurbishment of roof cladding or providing new + assembly
  • Repair or assembly of thermal insulation
  • Supply and installation of plumbing elements
  • Roof Cladding Revision
Reconstruction, repair of roof cladding is important to extend the life of your property.